The ORAL HEALTH Resource has Lesson Plans and comes with Questions and Answers to facilitate provision audit and progress assessment for monitoring and evaluation, to help build a school's Evidence Base in PSHE education. The Resource is designed to be a 'Health & Science Resource' which gives an all round insight into different aspects of oral health. It can be used in conjunction with a Healthy Lifestyles Obesity Strategy or as part of a Healthy School Programme taught synergistically with nutrition, diet and healthy eating.

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Year 6 Primary School preparation for the transition to Secondary School - are they ready?

The ORAL HEALTH - The Full Workout resource can also be used for preparing learners for the transition to Secondary School. PSHE and instilling the culture of Healthy Lifestyle is very important at this stage as pupils will be faced with new challenges and a new environment where they are the youngest, not the oldest attenders. Moving to Secondary School calls upon skills learned from good PSHE delivery.
Some schools may want to consider using the Resource as part of this preparation

ORAL HEALTH The Full Workout

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