ORAL HEALTH - The Full Workout 1/2 hour KS3 FREE Resource Film is available to stream on the You Tube Educational Channel

ORAL HEALTH - The Full Workout is a 28 minute ORAL HEALTH Educational film and the content is split into 8 sections as follows:
Introduction; Tooth Decay; What is Plaque?; Gum Disease & Oral Cancer; Diet & Tooth Erosion; Oral Hygiene; Your Toothbrush and brushing technique; Other oral hygiene aids and devices & the orthodontic situation, staining & whitening.
The Question and Answer Section contains 50 questions. Our Lesson Plan is a way of using the resource but there are lots of different ways Schools may want to use it to fit in with the school agenda and timetable.

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Includes Lesson Plans as well as Teachers Notes and Questions and Answers Section for each part of the film to enable evaluation, monitoring, and show evidence based learning and auditing in PSHE, Health Science and Resilience.

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Do You Have A Question About the Resource?

If you would like to contact The Lady Dentist Agency regarding the Resource and how to use it as part of PSHE, Healthy Lifestyle and Resilience click the contact tab where there is a form for teaching professionals, coordinators, advisors, consultants, PSHE, Resilience and Head Of Year Staff and Assistant Personnel.


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